Interior Tile Styles: Scandinavian, Moroccan, Classic, Marbled, Concrete, And Wood

Bathroom, Sink, Mirror, Apartment, RoomThere are many styles of tile design in modern interior design. Each of them has its own personality and characteristics. Like styles in interior design, they correspond to a specific tradition in decoration. In the photo below, we show the most fashionable tile styles that will allow you to see the full range of possibilities.

The most popular options for turnkey bathroom remodeling this season are marble-look porcelain stoneware, Provence azulejo tiles, concrete and wood-look porcelain stoneware, Scandinavian ornaments, Moroccan zellige, brick-like boar, as well as encaustic and cement tiles.

Contemporary tiles: marbled porcelain stoneware

In modern styles of interior design, we see this material all the time. It sparkles, looks more expensive than it’s worth, and looks very minimalist. It is the tile in a modern style in the form of marbled porcelain stoneware that is now the most practical, elegant, and stylish solution.

Provence patchwork tile: Portuguese azulejo

Provence-style tiles can be different. Here we will tell you about a specific option that is currently at the peak of interior design trends. Azulejo is a patchwork tile where the design of the wall or floor is like a prefabricated panel of various pieces. Such Provence-style ceramic tiles are multi-colored, with repetitive details, or even unique in each specific piece. Regular Mediterranean-style tiles are often similar to this option. A Provence-style bathroom with azulejo tiles looks very ethnic, authentic, colorful.

Loft-style concrete tile: imitation porcelain stoneware

Loft-style bathroom tiles can imitate different materials, but concrete-look porcelain stoneware is the most fashionable option. Loft-style ceramic tiles of this type are usually large format. Concrete imitations have an uneven gray color and a visual cut around the perimeter. On rare occasions, loft-style bathroom tiles can also be used for ceiling designs. Also, the loft style can include such types of apartment finishes as brick-like tiles, brick-like panels, and concrete plaster.

Scandinavian style tiles: geometric hexagons

Scandinavian-style tiles come in many varieties, but geometric hexes are the most prominent option. They can have one shade or several, as well as alternate monochrome options with prints and ornaments. Geometric ornaments, which allow you to create an absolutely original print for each specific interior, give a very aesthetic and modern picture. By the way, such options are ideal for visual zoning of the kitchen and dining room, kitchen, and living room.

Moroccan-style tiles: Zellidge from Fes

Bathroom, Luxury, Luxury Bathroom, SinkOriginally, Zellidge style Moroccan tiles are handcrafted tiles with a hand-fired effect that gives each tile a half-tone shade. Zellige was invented in the Fes region of Morocco, and it is still here that production is concentrated, which now operates mainly for export. In Russia, we see in 99% of cases imitation of Zellidge using ceramic tiles: glazed or not. It has perfectly straight edges, which makes the finish more practical while maintaining the ombre effect.

Loft-style brick-like tiles: trendy hog

There are different styles of loft-format tiles in the bathroom. For example, in addition to porcelain stoneware for concrete, there is also fashionable hog – brick-like tiles. It is found in the loft-style, Scandinavian, modern, Provence, and some others. The fashionable “hog” looks stylish and neat, especially in a glossy format.