Error-Free Deck Construction: See Tips From Professionals

Wooden decks are becoming more and more common. While in the past, they were used almost exclusively in swimming pools, today they occupy other spaces, such as barbecue areas, balconies, bathroom stalls, access walkways, and gardens.

Despite this, execution errors involving foundations and fastening elements to access and interface with electrical and hydraulic installations are common. The incorrect choice of wood or treatment for this type of use can also reduce the useful life of the deck.


According to deck builders San Antonio tx, the decks can be installed directly on the ground as long as a soil study has been carried out to understand the permeability. The place must be covered with a bidim blanket or, more commonly, be cemented. In both cases, the terrain needs to be leveled so that the deck remains at the same level, without a step, avoiding the accumulation of water.

If the deck is installed on natural terrain, shoe-type foundations must be made, where the structure will be supported or carry out excavations to make the bases of the pillars that will support the deck structure.

The foundation varies according to the height of the deck, between 0.50 m and 1.50 m in depth. When the support bars are in direct contact with the water, the best protection is made with the application of waterproofing paint. And, as a good practice, use a spacer under the beam so that it is not in contact with the subfloor or the ground. It also indicates the installation of rubber supports (neoprene) to facilitate the flow of water and reduce the impact between the wood and the subfloor. The base consists of a network of resistant structures that will be superimposed to distribute the weight evenly and safely.


When the installation is done on a subfloor or finished floor, the architect at deck builders San Antonio tx guides to fix the joists of the deck structure with anchor 8 and screw every 40 to 50 cm (between axes) of each other. The usual bars are wooden rafters, resistant and durable, with 5 x 5 cm, or 5 x 7 cm, commenting that a common mistake is to fix them with pins (headless nails) that, over time, lift or they cannot handle the tendency of the boards to twist or warp.

We at deck builders San Antonio tx prefer the newest solution on the market for fixing the deck in its structure, which are galvanized pins or stainless steel screw with inverted thread, even painted in brown, following the tone of the wood.


As the rulers swell when wet, the crevices prevent them from getting too close. If this happens, the water will not drain but accumulate more and more, soaking the planks progressively.

The cracks between the rulers are essential for draining water, also providing for natural expansion of the wood. As the rulers swell when wet, the crevices prevent them from getting too close. If this happens, the water will not flow but will accumulate more and more, gradually soaking the planks, adding that the rounded edges of the planks also facilitate the flow and improve the visual effect.

At deck builders San Antonio tx, the deck’s cost reduction is achieved using pallets, which are, however, built with more fragile wood. The modular deck sold in stores comes in several sizes but is more fragile due to the fixation being made directly, without spacers. In addition, the cutouts for finishing require the help of a joiner.


In each part of the deck, from the structure to the rulers, the wood must receive specific treatments against humidity, UV rays, and slipping. According to the architect, if the structure is low, up to 15 cm from the floor, it is necessary to apply in its pieces the impregnating varnish of the hydro-repellent stain type, with sunscreen and insecticidal and fungicidal action, or even waterproofing product. The same goes for the bottom of the deck rules.


Wood is most vulnerable in areas that receive a lot of suns or in places in contact with chemical products. In such cases, annual maintenance is required, using varnish with sunscreen or impregnants. When using stain , it is not necessary to sand or scrape, as it is absorbed by wood and does not form a film like marine varnishes. A thorough washing with a pressure hose is enough to remove impurities. When the deck is in the shade, maintenance is more spaced out, and can reach two years.