A Civil Lawyer Near Me Can Help You With Non-Criminal Matters

A civil lawyer near me is a legal expert that can help you in a wide range of non-criminal areas of legal dispute. These disputes usually involve damages to people or property. A civil attorney can assist with family law matters, estate planning, and even employment disputes. Civil lawyers are extensively trained and can guide you through the complex legal proceedings.

Is Melbourne good for law?

In a civil case, the plaintiff files a lawsuit against another party. The other party may be an individual, business, or government agency. The plaintiff is seeking money damages or a specific performance. Unlike criminal cases, a person who loses a civil suit does not go to jail.

Our laws provide all citizens with rights and privileges that guarantee their safety, freedom, and ability to live well. However, those rights are often abused by politicians, police departments, and hate groups. At Newman Ferrara, we focus on civil rights cases. Our attorneys have a track record of representing victims and standing up against injustice.

We fight for the rights of all citizens, but we have a special affinity for protecting women and children. We’ve worked on a variety of cases that involve First Amendment and due process abuses, as well as police misconduct and other violations of state and federal civil rights laws. In particular, we are proud to have represented the victims of the NYPD’s decade-long unconstitutional stop and frisk policy.

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